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Entry for QErgs 2020 is now open! The format is going to be a little bit different this year, but we hope it's still going to be fun and encourage all of your novices to row even more. So save the date – 22nd November. QErgs is going to be a virtual event this year – unfortunately, but perhaps predictably, an in-person event will not be possible this year.

We are inviting crews to compete from their own boathouses, colleges, or wherever you can find an erg. We have developed the technology to allow the races to be synchronised, so that crews are in fact racing against each other in real time. A livestream of the crews themselves will be broadcast so that everyone across Cambridge will be able to follow along. The race itself will still be the same: 8 competitors all completing a 500m sprint.

We know that not every boat club has the same facilities available and everyone is facing different restrictions at the moment, and we want everyone to be able to compete in QErgs. Crew entry is going to be slightly different as well this year, so that we have some time to work with boat clubs to sort out individual problems as best we can – internet connections, livestreams, even a place to erg.

To begin the process, we're opening up a club entry form, to be filled out by one member of your boat club. We don't need final details about exact crews yet, although we are asking for an estimate of how many crews you are aiming to enter when we open crew entry closer to the event. We would also like each boat club to nominate a contact person for us, who ideally knows their boathouse/college/other location pretty well and is reliable. We will then get in contact with them about any issues you may have with being able to run a virtual QErgs from your boathouse and work with them to sort these.


Rules for the 2020 competition can be found HERE. Please print the document, read it and sign the form at the bottom. A signed copy should be submitted to the QErgs co-presidents no later than 2 days before the competition.

NOTE: Trialists MAY compete as part of senior college teams.

Date and Time

The competition will be held on Sunday 22nd November 2020. More information about signing up and race times will be released closer to the event.


The competition will be an 8x500m relay with 60 second changeover periods.

Novice Divisions

The categories for entry will be:

  • 1st Novice Men's VIIIs
  • 1st Novice Women's VIIIs
  • 2nd Novice Men's VIIIs
  • 2nd Novice Women's VIIIs
  • Mixed Senior VIII's - 4 women and 4 men per team

Where more than two boats are entered, second boats should also be entered into the first division. Otherwise all lower boats should be entered into the second division. Due to the logistics of getting all crews to race in one evening we can only guarantee each college four crews. However please do apply for more as, judging from previous years, we should be able to fit you in.

In the first divisions, racers will race once in a heat and the 12 fastest crews will race again in a final to determine the overall winner. There will be no final for the second or senior divisions; the crew with the fastest time in the first round will be declared the winner.


Queens' Ergs T-shirts are given to all competitors and must be worn during the event. Select the (unisex) size required for each rower on the team entry form.

Entry price includes t-shirts for the eight rowers. Extra shirts can be bought on demand for an extra charge of £4 for coxes/LBCs/coaches. Email qcbc-ergs@srcf.net with quantity and sizes required.


Prizes will be awarded to the fastest crews in each division as well as the fastest individual (novice) male time and female time.


College entry will require a £25 deposit that will be deducted from crew entry fees later.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. Please make bank transfers to the QCBC account with your college/institution and QERGS in the description. The account sort code is 40-16-08 and the account number is 94088255. Cheques should be made payable to "Queens' College Boat Club" and sent to Charles Jameson at Queens' College via UMS, or placed in Charles' pigeon hole in the Queens' porters' lodge. If you cannot pay by bank transfer or cheque please get in touch by emailing qcbc-ergs@srcf.net to discuss other options.